How to Make Terminal Use MAMP’s PHP ( instead of mac’s version )

If you develop using MAMP, you need to use MAMP version’s of php instead the OSX one.

1°  Verify which PHP is used by your Terminal
Open terminal and add:

$ which php
If you are use default Mac OSX apache + php server,  you see as terminal response

“ /usr/bin/php ”

2°  Add MAMP to $PATH variable

We will modify the “$path” variable by modifying the file “~/.bash_profile” located in root user folder. Type:

sudo nano ~/.bash_profile

Now write in the file the new “$path” variable that terminal has to use:

export MAMP_PHP=/Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php7.4.9/bin

Save and exit.

3°  Load “.bash_file” and check

Type: source ~/.bash_profile

and check by typing again $ which php

This time the response must be

“ /Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php7.4.9/bin/php ”